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Booth #1

Hubble Gas Connections

Hazardous Location Products


Booth #6


Odorizers (OdorEyes),  Instrument Filters, Gas Sampling, Gas Containment, Gas Analyzers, Chemical Infusion

Booth #7-8

Heath Consultants

Utility Protection, Asset Management and Damage Prevention

Booth #9

Linc Energy Systems

Manufacturer's Representative and Distributor for Measurement and Control, Damage Prevention Products

Booth #10

Jomar Valve

Plumbing, Industrial, HVAC and Process Control Valves

Booth #12

Emerson Automation

Onshore, Offshore, Transportation & Storage, Gas Processing & LNG, Oilfield Services

Booth #13

Alloy Products

OEM Parts, Alloy Products, Gas Fittings, Maleable Fittings, PVF

Booth #14

Flexim Americas Corporation

Non-Invasice Ultrasonic Flow Measurment, Permanent or Portable Volume and Mass Flow Meters for Liquids and Gases


Booth #18

ESC Engineering

Utility Pressure Regulator Testing

Booth #20

Energy Economics

Gas Meter Repair, Gas Meter Sales, Gas Meter Proving, Cathodic Protection, Data Systems

Booth #21

Circor Energy

Manufacturer of Valves and Pipeline Products

Booth #22

MRC Global

Distributor of Pipe, Valves & Fittings

Booth #23


Manufacturer's Representative and Distributor of Gas Heaters, Pipeline Location Equipment, Lighting, Hardware, Pipe, Valves

Booth #26

Galvanic Applied Sciences

Gas and Liquid Process Analysis, Control and Measurement

Booth #27


Transmission Valves, Storage Valves, Valve Automation, Measurement, Field Servic

Booth #28

SpectraSensors, an Endress+Hauser Company

Laser Based Gas Analyzers

Booth #29-30

Aura Controls

Gas Regulators - Single & Dual Stage, Back Pressure, Automatic Differential Switch-Over, Sub-Atmospheric, Vaporizing

Booth #31

Gas Certification Institute

Hands on Training Facility for Pipeline Personnel

Booth #32


Booth #33

Midland Resource

Odorant Equipment

Booth #34

Chevron Phillips Chemical

Aromatics, Drilling Specialities, Resins, Olefins, Performance Pipe, Odorants

Booth #35

EN Engineering

Pipeline Engineering, Integrity Services, Automation Services, Electrical Engineering, Process Safety, Industrial Solutions

Booth #36

Forum Energy Technologies/ PBV

Pipeline Trunnion and Floating Ball Valves for the Gas Utility and Transmission Markets

Booth #39

Trenton Corp

Anti-Corrossion Materials

Booth #40


Rotary Meters

Booth #41

Do It American MFG

Assembly, Fabrication, Machining, Engineering and Service

Booth #42


Flow Computers

Booth #43-44

Tri-Pacific Sales

Manufacturer's Representative for Measurement Control and Distribution Products

Booth #45-46

A-Best Industrial Inc.

Distribution of Valves and Fittings

Booth #47

Sensit Technology

Combustible Gas Detectors

Booth #48

Bradley B Bean PE

Engineering and Software Services

Booth #49

Advance Engineering

Metal Stamping, Thermoformed Plastic Parts

Booth #52

YZ Systems

Odorization, Sampling, Detection, Lubrication

Booth #53-54

Catalytic Heater Co

Catalytic Heaters

Booth #55


Gate Valves, Glove Valves, Ball Valves, Manifolds, Needle and Gauge Valves, Polyethelene Piping Systems, Innogaz Electrofusion Systems

Booth #56

Trans Canada Calibrations

High Pressure Natural Gas Meter Calibration

Booth #57


Gas Meters & Regulators

Booth #58

Canada Pipeline Accessories

Flow Conditioners, Flow Nozzles, CFD & Engineering, Accessories

Booth #59

Balon Corporation

Floating Ball Valves, Trunnion Ball Valves, Swing Check Valves, Needle Valves, Test and Tap Valves, Gear Operators, Actuation Mounting, Ball Valve Handles

Booth #60


Pressure Calibrators, Pressure Controllers, Digital Pressure Gauges, Test Pumps, Pressure Manifolds

Booth #61

Condec, a Division of Rice Lake Weighing Systems

Condec Designs, Manufactures and Distributes Rugged and Dependable Pressure Indicators, Digital Pressure Calibration Standards, Pressure Intensifiers, Pressure Regulators and Mechanical Controllers. Condec is a Division of Rice Lake Weighing Systems.

Booth #62


Direct Drive Pressure Gauges

Booth #63

Measurement Control Systems

Distributor for Measurement and Control Products

Booth #64


Pumps, Seals, Valves, Actuation & Instrumentation, Performance Monitoring, Steam Traps & Systems

Booth #67

Ponton Industries

Manufacturer's Representative of Flow, Level, Temperature, Pressure and Process Control Equipment

Booth #68

Flow-Cal Industries

Gas and Liquid Measurement Software

Booth #69

AS Schneider

Instrumentation Valves & Manifolds, Double Block & Bleed Pipeline Ball Valves, Valves for Large Bore Diesel Engines

Booth #70

Shelter Works

Custom Fiberglass Shelters

Booth #71


Flow Calibrations and Testing Solutions

Booth #72


Orifice meters, Venturi Unions, Flow Nozzles, Ultrasonic Meters, Straightening Vanes, Flow Conditioners

Booth #73

Combustion Solutions Inc.

Design and Supply of Burners, Combustors, Injection Systems

Booth #74

Consolidated Analytical Systems

Gas Chromatographs, H2S/TS Monitoring Systems, Ambient Air Monitoring, Turn-Key Systems

Booth #75

Rotork Controls INC

Electric Actuators and Control Systems, Gear Boxes & Gear Actuators

Booth #76

Pietro Fiorentini

Gas Pressure Regulators


Booth #77

Flow Meter Group

Rotary Meters, Turbine Meters, Gas Electronics

Booth #78

Dualco Inc

Lubrication Systems

Booth #79

Pipeline Equipment

Pipeline Pigs, Twinlock Quick Opening Closure, Pipeline Fabrication, Extrusion Fabrication, Coating

Booth #80


Ball Valves

Booth #81

Ralston Instruments

Pressure Calibration Equipment

Booth #82

Wolseley Industrial Group

Pipe, Valves and Fittings.

Booth #83


Gas Pressure Regulators

Booth #84

Orbital Gas Systems

Gas Chromatrographs, Gas Samplers, Thermowells, Odorization, Metering

Booth #85

VRG Controls

Valve Pilot Controllers, Valve Positioners, Instrument Accessories, Supply Gas Systems, Mounting Solutions, Control Valves

Booth #86-87

Mustang Sampling

Regulators, Sampling Conditioning Systems, Vaporizers

Booth #88


Pressure Measurement, Level Measurement, Temperature Measurement, Flow Measurement, Gas Analysis, Flame & Gas Detection, Tank Gauging, 

Booth #89

Fortis BC

FortisBC Energy Inc. provides gas meter and instrument repair and calibration.   Meters include diaphragm, rotary and turbines. Their ISO accredited lab is able to provide high pressure testing on 2”-12” turbine meters and research and development services on new metering products.

Booth #90

Quarter Turn Resources

Custom Valve Solutions for Natural Gas and Oil Industries

Booth #91

Gas Pipeline Products and Services

Booth #92


Gas Measurement Products & Services

Booth #93


Gas Meters, Gas Regulators, Gas Filtration, Gas Pre-Heat, Odorization, Safety Devices, 

Booth #94-95

Emerson Regulator Technologies

Gas Pressure Regulators

Booth #98-99

Emerson Remote Automation

Flow Computers

Booth #100

GE Oil & Gas

Rotary Meters, Pressure Regulators, Electronic Instruments

Booth #101-102

Eagle Research Corporation

Volume Correctors, Pressure Recorders, Flow Computers, RTU's, Cathodic Protection Monitors, Transfer Provers, Natural Gas Software, Field Services

Booth #103


Gas Meters, Gas Regulators, Cathodic Protection, Wireless Meter Reading Systems

Booth #104

Imac Systems Inc

Gas Meter Calibration & Repair, Pete's Plugs, Pulse Kits for All Meters, Gasket Strainers, T-Strainer, Instrument Filters, Sulfur Filters, Odorant Scrubbers, Alfa Monolithic Joints, Barlow Flange Insulating Joints, Surge Arrestors, Lubrication Systems, DP Gauges, Thermowells

Booth #105

Sick Inc

Ultrasonic Gas Measurement

  • DRU - Production/Distribution

  • FS600 - Transmission/Distribution

  • FS600XT - Transmission/Distribution

  • FS500 - Disbribution

  • FS300 - Process Monitoring

  • FS100 - Flare​


Booth #106

Meter Valve & Control Inc

Distributor of gas meters, gas regulators, gas filters, gas electronics, wireless metering equipment, gas accessories.

Manufacturer's Representative for Eagle Research Corp, Sick Inc, Itron, Filter Fab, Imac Systems, Welker

Booth #107

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