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Clamp-On Ultrasonic Flow Meters Operation and Application

Combined Accuracy

Coriolis Meters for Gas Measurement

Differential Testing of Rotary Meters

Distribution Gas Meter Proving

Continuous Measurement Certainty and Dual Rotor Technology

Basics of Electronic Volume Corrector for Natural Gas

Essentials of Meter Station Design

Fundamentals of Electronic Flow Meter Design, Application & Implementation

Fundamentals of Gas Metering

Fundamentals of the Basic Gas Laws

Introduction to Gas Turbine Meters

Introduction to Ultrasonic Meters

Ultrasonic Meter Diagnostics

Ultrasonic Meter Station Design

Ultrasonic Meters for Commercial Applications

Flexible Element Regulators

Fundamentals of Gas Pressure Regulation

Industrial Pressure Control

Introduction to Over Pressure Protection

Introduction to Regulator and Relief Sizing

Noise Mitigation in Regulator Stations

Regulator Freeze Protection

Noise Mitigation in Regulator Stations

Regulator Station Design

Three Mode PID Control

Troubleshooting Control Valves

Troubleshooting Regulators

API-1167 Pipeline Alarm Management

Cathodic Protection and M&R

Predictive Chromatograph Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Financial Impact of Accurately Measuring Hydrocarbon Dew Point

Gas Odorants – Safe Handling, Health and the Environment

Hazardous Area Classification

The High Performance HMI

Introduction to Gas Quality

Odorization Systems

Practical Considerations of Gas Sampling and Gas Sampling Systems

Pulsation Mitigation and its Effects on Metering

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