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2015 Fall Board Meeting

October 2015

The Fall Board meeting took place at the Anaheim Marriott on October 5th-8th, 2015.  Key events included a review of the 2015 Short Course, electing new members and officers and planning of the 2016 Roundtable.  Elected officers included:

Mike Bermel, President

Tim Wold, Vice-President

Jeff Webb, Measurement Chair

Michael Yoshitomi, Measurement Vice-Chair

Albert Gillespie,  Regulation Chair

Matt Davidson, Regulation Vice-Chair

Jeremiah Ross, General Interest Chair

Mark Buckley, General Interest Vice-Chair

Darren Larsen, Hands On Chair

Tushar Shah, Hands On Vice-Chair

Al Machini, Roundtable Chair

Ken Goodwin, Roundtable Vice-Chair

Scott Henrich, Webmaster


Anaheim - Location for the 2016 Roundtable and 2017 Short Course

Posted February 2016

The 2016 Roundtable and 2017 Short Course will take place at the Marriott in Anaheim CA.  Mike Bermel of Southern California Gas is leading the effort on behalf of WGMSC.  

Greater Functionality for WGMSC Website

Posted August 2014

The WGMSC website has been revamped with a fresh look and feel.  According to Michael Garvey, WGMSC Publicity Chairman, "Our aim is to provide greater functionality and improve the user experience for WGMSC events."   The new website includes a variety of new features that should benefit users and facilitate site maintenance.  Michael served as the project manager and creative design for the new site.   Courtney Brandt, an engineering intern at EN Engineering assisted with logistics and back end coordination of domain transfer to a new service provider.  Jim Pugh, WGMSC webmaster, provided key content input and logistics  support.


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