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The Roundtable took place on May 2-3 2016 at the Anaheim Marriott.  The meeting included 85 industry experts from gas utilities, gas transmission, engineers, manufacturer's and manufacturer's representatives.  Our post roudtable survey showed positive feedback on the quality of the event.  For more information on the survey see the "Customer Feedback" section below.  

Customer Feedback

Below are some comments from our attendee survey.




"great discussion"


"loved it, took lots of notes"


"always a good event, nice to hear from other utilities"


"being my first roundtable I was not sure what to expect.  Lots of information on operations and controls that can be applied to my gas designs"


"time well spent"


"great opportunity to network and share"


"lots of knowledge here"

"I thought it was productive and worthwhile"


"a wealth of experience in the room"


"this was another roundtable I'm glad I attended and will report back it was well worth the expense"


"being our first time at the roundtable I was very impressed with everyone involved.  There was very few questions unanswered.  I'm walking away with more information than I ve ever had at any other convention or meeting of this type"


"very knowledgable, great people, everyone is willing to help"


"first time attending the roundtable.  It was an  honor to be around such talented natural gas people"


"the amount of detail was perfect"


"very good, wide array of topics covered, knoledge of participants, meeting new people"


"amazing how much knowledge was present"


"my job is meaurement and I learned a lot"


"great sharing of information"


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